Limousine Services Have Very Little To Do With Driving!

Strange as it may sound, a chauffeur is not a driver. One of the many responsibilities of a chauffeur is to drive, but being a chauffeur is so much more. Drivers provide one thing; transportation from point A to point B. Drivers operate cabs, taxis, delivery trucks and tractor trailers. Chauffeurs provide complete service in every sense of the word. From the most luxurious limousine to the smart and humble town car service to the airport or other destination; every chauffeur knows that the experience must be flawless and without compare.

According to the all-knowing, great and powerful Oz (Wikipedia), the word chauffeur is derived from a French term meaning ‘stoker’. In the early 1900s, only the very wealthy were able to afford an automobile. Additionally, some of the very earliest automobiles were steam powered and required the firebox below the boiler to be stoked. These first automobile owners employed a chauffeur to heat-up the engine before a departing, chauffeur the owner around wherever they needed to go, and maintain the vehicle in the interim. The chauffeur was entrusted with the complete care of the automobile including learning how to fix it because of the frequent breakdowns. If the automobile was one of the first internal ‘explosion’ engines, the chauffeur was also given an allowance to make sure that they purchased enough essence from the local drug store. That’s right; essence, also known as good ‘ol gasoline or petrol, was first sold in drug stores along with cocaine cola and aluminum powder for “The remedy of any ailment under the sun!”.

Now as then, the chauffeur is someone to be trusted; a guardian of your pride after a little too much to drink, a trusted confidant on a long ride back from business, a good friend after years of repeat service. It doesn’t matter if you only use chauffeured service for your wedding limousine once in a lifetime, or you book corporate airport limo or sedan service twice a week! Every client is treasured and treated as the wealthiest landowner would have been more than a century ago at the advent of the chauffeur profession. Every chauffeur here at Sentinel Limousine knows that to provide the best limo service in Rhode Island and throughout the world we must know where we came from and who we really are. We are chauffeurs, and we are here to serve you.