Welsh Limos bus smashed up with crowbar

THE owner of a Swansea limousine and bus company is appealing for information after one of his prized vehicles was vandalised.

Lee Pitson, of Welsh Limos based in Fabian Way, has been left furious after windows were smashed on one of his buses.

As well as the windows being smashed, an expletive was also scratched into the vehicle’s paint work — leaving Mr Pitson with a bill running into thousands of pounds.

He said: “It looks like a crowbar has done the job. I am angry about it.

“My business partner arrived for work and realised.

“Six windows have been done on our flagship bus.

“The word has been scratched into one of the doors and then a key had been scraped down the side.

“It is probably going to cost us between £2,500 and £3,000, unfortunately it is a lot of money for us.

“We are working hard to get back onto the road, our busiest days are Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday.

“We have a 10th birthday party tomorrow and then on Friday we have a hen party going to Blackpool.

“I am hoping by tomorrow evening it will be back on the road. We don’t want to let anyone down.

“We are offering a £500 reward if anyone knows anything.”

A spokesman for South Wales Police confirmed the incident and said with information should contact 101.